/ The customer may choose from various sizes and configurations of the following stand-alone functions and systems: the plate, handle, LED light pointer, spitting sys- tem, electroshock system with alarm siren and safety pin, baton holder and baton.
  Handle Strapping  
/ The strap is made of strong and long life Cordura® material. The patented system allows excellent fit on the forearm and immediate release in case of emergency.
Fix the activation key strap around the forearm.
To be operational, the buckle must be fully completely fastened.
  LED light pointer  
/ The primary use of the laser pointer is to direct the spitting media. It also causes apprehension for the aggressor when he notices the laser pointed at himself or at the person next to him.

  Alarm Siren  
/ The alarm siren is activated and deactivated with the switch on the top of the handle (position I On/Off) and gives a audible warning to the aggressor.
The speaker is attached to the electric box and the sound is spread in every direction at a level of 110 dB. The siren is battery powered and can be used continuously for hours.
  Spitting Function  
/ Shield-Spitting Cobra® enables use of OC pepper tear gas and UV sensitive marking gel. For precise targeting a laser pointer is included. The spray is released by pressing the knob (with thumb) located on the top of the handle. The OC PEPPER tear gas is expelled through a tube in the front of the shield. Spitting function is available independently from the electrical function (whether it is ON or OFF).
Spitting bottle insertion and release is simple and quick.
  Spitting can insertion & release  
/ Only special LE PROTECTEUR® tear gas bottle can be used with the Shield-Spitting Cobra®.
To insert bottle; Put the lower locking bed in the right position: the two clips must not be completely locked, nor completely open, accepting the insert of the lower bottle part. Insert the upper part of the bottle in the system square head. Push down the lower part on the locking Bed.
To release bottle; Pull up the two clips on the locking bed. Release the bottle.
  Stun gun (electroshock) function  
/ For stun gun usage, the shield must be turned on. Stun gun activate with the same switch as the alarm siren (position II On/Off).
The stun gun system is designed for defensive and offensive actions with a neutralization purpose of aggressive individuals. A person exposed to the stun gun for more than 7 seconds can be paralyzed. Stun gun power is 150,000 Volts at 1.5 mA.  The rechargeable battery allows the stun gun to function continuously for 25 minutes. The stun gun is effective when the aggressor is closer than 2 cm or in physical contact with stun gun plates on the front side of the shield.
  Emergency shield abandonment  
/ In case it is necessary to abandon the shield, all of the functions can be deactivated for the safety of the operating officer. A loud siren will sound to deter theft of the shield.
It is recommended to extract spitting media bottle from seat, to prevent usage from the opposite side.
  Batteries loading  
/ For proper charging, the battery charger must be plugged into the electrical circuit and electrical box on the shield. The charger input for charging the battery is on the electrical box above the shield's power On/Off button and fuse. A completely discharged battery takes 25 minutes to fully recharge. Battery charger input 100/ 240 VAC,  250 mA, 50Hz/60Hz.
/ Ballistic Shield-Spitting Cobra® is designed to protect the operating officer.
The correct usage of the shield's functions prevents the necessity of using lethal force weapons and provides better protection for the operating officer in case of confrontation with such weapons, in the range of NIJ standard protection level, it is defined.
To all of our users we wish great success in preventing these situations.
Nevertheless, we are positive that our shield will provide extra protection to anyone who uses it.

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