Worlds most effectice defence shields
/ While designing the shield special attention was centered on protection, safety and efficiency of the user. Balanced and lightweight design allows the user to hold shield the long-term operation in the standby mode without any extra effort. Therefore, we developed an ergonomically designed handle with a compact clamping arm which allows controlled maneuvering in all directions. The shield weight is distributed around the forearm and at an angle of 20 degrees allows the user to load the muscles evenly above and below the arm. The handle also has an innovative system for arm fixation, flexible in length (range of the hand) and in emergency situations allows the release of the arms immediately.

/ The control panel is installed in the appropriate section of the shield and is adapted to the equipment of the operating officer.

/ Our research and development department constantly ensures that the shield is composed of modern and appropriate materials, which provide security and a long product life. The production is organized for a known customer with whom we make an arrangement for the configuration and the dimensions of the shield.

/ Each shield is equipped with printed and video instructions for use, as well as the relevant supporting documents. The use of shield is simple and does not require lengthy training of the individuals.

/ The Shields Spitting Cobra definitely increase the safety and efficiency of both the individual and the entire team of staff and facilitate the adaptation of strategies and tactics of police tasks.

/ We must stress that our research and development department is constantly looking for improvements. To mention just one, our current aim is to develop an extinguishing canister to defend against the fire, so-called “Molotov cocktails”.

/ Reference customers:
/ USA Army REF
/ UAE Police
/ Croatia Police

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